My background

As a child, I remember being interested in so many topics that to the outsider, I may have looked like I didn’t know what I wanted.  But the truth is, I wanted all of it and more!

In high school, I devoted most of my spare time in music, writing and reading.  After high school, I moved away from home to University where I studied Pre-veterinary medicine but graduated with a B.Sc. in Environmental Biology.  Realizing that I was meant to interact with people and not a test tube, I immediately took a Business Course which lead to my career in Marketing and Business Development for an Engineering and Manufacturing company. The jobs looked glorious on paper, but something inside of me was telling me to branch off into a completely new direction.  I felt like somehow, my inner light was being shut down and I felt completely off path.  So I left the security of the corporate world and opened a small holistic business against the advice of everyone in my life.

Maybe I should have listened, but let me tell you something. I have learned more about myself in the last 7 years than I did in my entire lifetime. Not only did I succeed as a small business owner, but I also learned to pay attention to the signs along the way and follow my heart and intuition.

My goal for this blog

My goal for this blog is to use my personal experience and expertise to guide you to your inner self, your intuition, your self-awareness and your existing resources to help you achieve the life of your dreams and live your life the way you want to live it.  I can help you recognize the path you are meant to take, a spiritual path if you like, and guide you to topics that are of true interest to you.  I am here to help you open doors, boost your faith and confidence.

I also want to take the opportunity to write on several topics of interest such as writing, self-healing, intuition, pets, holistic therapies, general life lessons and more!

My goal is to make this information practical for everyday living.  So don’t feel like you need to be advanced spiritually, or even interested in spirituality, to gain good knowledge and insight from this blog.

Energy Girl

For the past 7 years, all I have been doing has somehow been related to energy.  Not only do I specialize in Energy Therapy in my private holistic practice, but I also have the ability to remotely tune into energy fields to heal people and pets.  I can tune into the energy of a situation, person, event, product, home, land and so much more at will.  I use this skill as the foundation of my intuitive living and I can get a lot of information within a few seconds from a simple “energy imprint.”


I offer a variety of personal and professional services which I am always happy to customize to your needs, and I am also available for speaking engagements, weekend retreats, one day workshops, and so much more.

So please bookmark this page and take your time looking around.  I welcome comments and will do my best to answer as many comments as I can.