Becoming Your Dog’s God
by Catherine Whittaker

Becoming Your Dog’s God: Mastering the Art of Pack Leader in No Time Flat shows you how to finally transition from a dog lover to a real pack leader!  It gives you simple yet profound methods to bridge the communication gap between you and your dog.  It also reveals how your personal energy and state of mind may have prevented your dog from taking you seriously in the past.  Without knowing it, most dog lovers have set up their dogs to fail!

To truly graduate as a pack leader, you need to understand how energy works, and how perceptive your dog really is.  This book is suitable if you own a puppy or an adult dog.  It exposes “little known” secrets that show you how to enhance your energy quickly and easily so that you can gain pack leader status.  It explains how to understand your dog’s body language and behaviours.  And it demonstrates, with lots of practical examples, how to prevent and correct the most common dog behaviour challenges gently and efficiently.

What is the magic formula that dog trainers and experts intuitively use to get amazing results that the majority of dog owners lack?  You hold the magic formula in your hands now!  Once you know the simple secrets, you will be surprised how quickly you see the transformation in yourself and your dog!

Catherine Whittaker, B.Sc., is an Energy Therapist and Intuitive Coach.  She operates a private holistic practice where she offers healing and guidance to people and their dogs. Catherine has been offering workshops on a variety of topics such as Intuitive Development and Energy Therapy for the past 6 years.  She lives in Nova Scotia, Canada with her husband and beautiful Golden Retriever.  Website:


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Book Reviews

5 Star – Finally…A truly helpful dog training book! (Posted May 13, 2012 on iTunes)

My bookshelves are full of dog training books but this is the best one I own. The book offers practical advice that you can start using immediately with your dog. My lab didn’t know what had hit her (in a good way–we’re both happier now). This book is written by a true dog lover who is having a wonderful time with her dog and she wants us to have a wonderful time with our dogs too. I especially enjoyed reading about when I have the most power over my dog — and how to use this to my advantage. Fab book. Worth picking up and clicking up.

5 Star – Information that is actually Helpful! (Posted May 12, 2012 on Amazon UK)

If you’re looking for a different kind of dog training book, then this is the manual for you. If you’re looking for a dog book by an author who clearly understands dogs, then this is the handbook for you. And, finally, if you’re looking for a training book that will actually help you get results, then this is the book for you. As you can tell, I feel passionate about this book because I have bought many training guides and this has been the best so far. We all love our dogs so much and simply want the best for them – I don’t mean to sound cheesy, but the advice in this book has truly helped me with my dog, Rocky, and I know this book can help you. The author discusses having an “almost” trained dog and a fully trained dog. I believe this is where I have been with Rocky for a long time–he has been almost trained but not fully trained. Creating boundaries with our dogs can be difficult but you will find many tips and examples of how to do just that. Check out the chapter about rewards for dogs — it might surprise you! Highly recommended to all of the fellow dog lovers out there.

5 Star – Great information for any pet owner! (Posted May 12, 2012 on Barnes & Noble)

Great information for any pet owner! My dogs act more like rebellious children so I was very excited to find this book. I didn’t think it was possible for my dogs to look at me as if I was their pack leader. I also didn’t realize that when they didn’t behave it was because they were trying to tell  me something. I highly recommend this book to anyone with pets.

5 Star – Just the Right Touch of Advice and Techniques (Posted May 10, 2012 on Amazon)

I’m the kind of person who would rather spoil my dog than be overly dominant, it’s just not the type person I am, but the longer I had my dog Sassy the longer she would become… well, sassy. She started acting out more and more and I was really starting get to the point where I was going to rip out my hair in frustration. Sassy wasn’t doing anything truly horrible like biting people or chasing them, but she would sit at the window and bark all day long or scratch to go outside even though she’d just been out ten minutes earlier. It was constant battle of who’s top dog and I of course let her win, so it just got worse until I got fed up and bought “Becoming Your Dog’s God”. I wasn’t sure if I could really do the whole dominance thing, but I was surprised at how easy it was to put on that leader of the pack mentality and get both Sassy and I on a level of communication that resolved her issues and gave us a better way of relating to each other. Now, Sassy is a well behaved dog who knows who is top dog and I owe it all to the author for saving my sanity!

5 Star – I love my dogs, but at times they can be a handful, always jumping (Posted May 10, 2012 on Barnes & Noble)

I love my dogs, but at times they can be a handful, always jumping on things that they shouldn’t be, barking at all hours of the night, chewing on mine and my wife’s expensive shoes… like I said I love them, but they can be a handful. That was until I started reading this book and actually paying attention to what my dogs were trying to tell me. ‘Becoming Your Dog’s God’ was like revelation, as corny as that sounds, but the way it all started to makes sense and how I was able to start reading my dogs’ body language and how it helped me to start treating them the way they needed and helped them to know what to do in situations like if they could beg when we ate on the couch even though they knew they couldn’t do it from the kitchen table. It also helped me to get my energy and outward look and demeanor better in line with the “leader” status in our little pack, thereby making it easier for my dogs to know who was boss and who to look to when something changed the status quo. This really was an awesome book that helped me get my boys in line and helped make our house a little better for everyone involved, of both the human and canine variety.  Totally recommend to someone who wants to get the leader status in the pack and start caring for their dogs the way they should!

5 Star – What a great book, it really helped me to get my little guys in line (Posted May 10, 2012 on Barnes & Noble)

What a great book, it really helped me to get my little guys in line! I have to say that I was skeptical when I first came across this book as I had tried a number of books on training my dogs or in animal psychology, but nothing worked for me…  until I found “Becoming Your Dog’s God”. This book helped me to get the right mentality and understanding of how to care for my dogs and get them into the right place to be aware of my part as the “leader of the pack” and as their caregiver. I liked the that the book went into detail about understanding my dogs’ body language and cues to better interact, care and protect them as well. It helped me to understand that my dogs acting out and disobeying wasn’t something that they were at fault for, rather I was because I wasn’t giving them the direct and leadership that they needed, it was an eye opener to be sure. Now that I have adapted the techniques in “Becoming Your Dogs God” my dogs are happy, secure and assured of their place in my life and how they need to behave 100% of the time!

I would recommend this for anyone who is looking for a way to communicate and care for their dog whether they are looking for help in caring for a dog who has physical or psychological issues from a previous owner or someone who is just looking for a better way to understand and train their little buddies.

5 Star – Great Dog Training Guide for those who value Holistic Health!! (Posted May 8, 2012 on Amazon)

I ran across this book in a search for something else, but the title alone made me stop and take a gander, and I am really glad I did. After reading this book my relationship with my dog is better by leaps and bounds, allowing us to better communicate and interact with each other than we ever have before. My dog, an adorable little beagle, was abused by his previous owner and though he isn’t aggressive or violent, he had the tendency to want to hide away from new people or men and to growl at them which was a problem because I live with my boyfriend Danny who really loves my dog Oscar, but he could barely get close enough to pet him. After reading the book we both took steps to get Oscar feeling safe, secure and happy with the techniques and practices in “Becoming Your Dog’s God”.
I have dabbled in holistic health and energy for a couple of years now and really believe in the power of it and how using energy and the mind to better improve a body’s health and outlook. When I saw that this book used those same practices on communicating and establishing dominance over a dog, I was hooked. The way Catherine Whittaker uses her holistic knowledge to help the reader bridge the gap between language and our dog’s is amazing and was just what Danny, Oscar and I needed to start communicating and better understanding what each of us needed and wanted out of our relationships. I can’t praise Catherine Whittaker and her book enough for getting Oscar to come out of his shell while feeling safe and secure, and understanding what is appropriate and what is not!

5 Star – Great Information (Posted April 30, 2012 on Barnes & Noble)

As an animal lover, I am always eager to learn more information to make my pets happy and healthy.  My black lab was abused and neglected before I adopted him from an animal shelter.  Because of this abuse, he has physical issues as well as fear and abandonment issues.  It amazes me that people still think it is ok to hit their pets.  I read this book because it focuses on holistic healing and the power of touch to alter a pet’s behavior.  I used some of the suggestions from this book on my big guy and he has responded very well to them.  My dog definitely is very aware of my emotions and this book gives great suggestions on how I can become a better caregiver.  I like that the author writes in a way that makes sense and doesn’t “talk down” or mystify the reader with terms that lay people do not understand.  I would certainly recommend this book to people with dogs to help them understand and interact with their pets.

5 Star – The Dog Whisperer on Steroids (Posted March 18, 2012 on Amazon)

A friend of mine recommended this book and I’m sure glad I found it. I have rescued two dogs that seemed to be well behaved until I brought them home and spoiled them as most of us do. I immediately fell in love with them and let them rule the roost. After all I did have to rescue them and they had been unloved and neglected for so long I was going to change all that by giving them as much love and attention that I could to make up for it. Well a few months later I found myself at wit’s end with the constant chewing up of my shoes, howling and barking all night. Pulling me over on walks. Yikes what do I do now? This book saved my life as I found it easy to understand and follow. I learned that the problem wasn’t my mischievous pack but “ME” instead. The author explained that I am the pack leader and that unless I start acting like one I will remain the weakling that no one respects. Thanks for the wonderful insight. I now have two angels that actually are happier for it.



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