I am thrilled to finally announce the release of my new book, Becoming Your Dog’s God: Mastering the Art of Pack Leader in No Time Flat!

This is the first of three Book Trailers!


Becoming Your Dog’s God: Book Trailer (Announcement)


Your Energy Girl,

Catherine Whittaker

3 Responses to Becoming Your Dog’s God – Book Trailer (Announcement)

  • phoebe says:

    My grandma has a very naughty Jack Russell! He is full of energy and won’t be ignored. We have sent him to doggie school before but he’s as disobedient as ever. He is the cutest thing on earth but he’s such a handful for Grandma (but of course she wouldn’t be without him). Do you think your book would be helpful for me to read (and then to relay to her)? I can’t imagine anyone becoming this dog’s God!!

    • Catherine Whittaker says:

      Hi Phoebe!
      Sounds to me like your grandmother’s dog has channelled all his stored up energy and confusion in an obsession that has developed as attention seeking. This is a very common challenge for many dog owners. But when you take a high energy breed like a Jack Russell Terrier, the issue seems so much more obvious! Chances are, early miscommunication with the dog has led to this behaviour and it can be corrected using the simple methods and techniques explained within the book. It is all about learning a simple communication technique, and how to “convince” the dog that you are indeed the top dog. Of course, even if you understand the book completely, your grandmother will still need to “want” to make a few changes. If she is willing to make a few simple changes, however, I am sure it will be a very happy ending for both her and her best buddy.
      Good luck Pheobe!

  • phoebe says:

    Hi Catherine,
    Thank you! You seem to “get” Jackie even though you haven’t met him. I’ve told Grandma about the book and we’ve agreed that we need to do something for all of us to feel happier.
    Will be in touch once we’ve read it.
    Thanks again, Phoebe

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