Intuitive Spiritual Reading

Are you seeking a little guidance on topics such as career, business ventures, personal decisions, relationships, or upcoming events in your life? If you have a list of questions you would like to have answered, big or small, an intuitive spiritual reading may be exactly what you have been waiting for. This is also an ideal time to tune into your energy centers and identify any blockages that may be holding you back.

All you need to do is prepare a list of questions prior to your reading. The more specific the questions, the better the answers.

Examples of appropriate questions:

Personal Life:

  • I feel that it is time to move, and that I have I  outgrown this location / house / apartment.   Is it in my best interest to move?
  • I am considering the following three locations, is  there one that is more appropriate and why?
  • I am struggling with a certain relationship, which  was always healthy in the past.  What is  going on?


  • A certain person at work seems to be draining my  energy, what can I do to stop that?
  • I feel that my career is not going in the direction  I would like, but I really like the company and people I work with.  Am I suppose to be there?
  • I have three job offers, but none of them feel  right.  Can we tune in each job and find  out what is going on?
  • I am considering going back to school for the  following options, am I on the right track?
  • I have a self employment idea for the near future,  can we tune in and see if I’m on the right track?


  • I have had a problem with my stomach for the last 2  years, and haven’t been able to figure out what is causing it.  Can we tune in and see if we can identify the  cause of the issue and let it go so that I can heal and move on?
  • I have this sharp pain in my spine that came on  suddenly, can we release that?
  • My energy is extremely low, what is going on and  what can we do to revive it?
  • I don’t feel as connected spiritually as  normal.   Is my energy field unbalanced?
  • Could you tune in my chakras, clear them as needed,  and release any blockages that are keeping me from living life to the fullest?
  • I have a fear of heights.  Can we find the source of the fear and  release it?

Goal of Intuitive Spiritual Reading:

Spiritual readings with Catherine are meant to be healing and to help you stay on your life and spiritual path.  Sessions are purely question based, so time is spent on what matters to you.   The intent of the reading is not to tell you what is going to happen in the future, although it can easily come up, if appropriate.  Instead, the focus of the reading is on your personal life path and to make sure you are still on it.  Not all questions yield detailed answers, as sometimes we are just not meant to know.  Catherine yields her answers from reading your energy, tuning in to your higher self, your personal guides, high vibration guides, and archangels.

Catherine can also guide you through healing work to work on fears, energetic blockages, chakra clearing, physical symptoms, existing and past relationships, soul contracts, and so much more!  Energy healing is her specialty so feel free to ask how she can help you with some of life’s challenges.  As always, you are the leader during the session and you can control how long or deep you want to explore a topic or healing opportunity.

60 minute reading: $100 USD (by telephone or Skype)


Spiritual Tarot / Angel Reading (with Catherine Whittaker)

This type of reading was developed for those who want a reading and guidance, but don’t have specific questions.   Catherine first tunes into your energy and identifies any blockages that need to be dealt with.  Then, she will look at your life with the help of her spiritual tarot.  Then, a variety of angel cards are brought in to fine tune the details of the reading.   The focus is normally personal development, spiritual development, career development, and making sure you are on the right track.  Questions are always welcomed and the readings are very interactive.  If time allows, you can also ask Catherine to tune into your energy to see if you are experiencing any blockages, where they are, and what could be causing them.  Healing energy is then sent to the blockages (if needed).  Your energy field and chakras can also be cleared and balanced.

If needed (and if time allows), longer readings can be arranged for an extra $20 per 15 minutes.

45 minute reading: $80 USD (by telephone or Skype)


 Intuitive Reading Combo Pack

If you are having a difficult time choosing, you are not alone!  If you wish, you can choose to combine an Intuitive Spiritual Reading (with a list of questions) and the Spiritual Tarot / Angel Reading.  You decide what you want to spend the time on, but generally approximately 45 minutes are dedicated to each reading.  If needed (and if time allows), readings can be extended for an extra $20 per 15 minutes.

90 minute Combo Pack: $150 USD (by telephone or Skype)


Disclaimer: As with all readings and professional advice you seek, always listen to your inner self and trust  what feels right to you.  The advice is given to help you become more empowered about your personal spiritual growth and life path, but is not meant to replace the advice of a physician.


To book an appointment, please contact Catherine Whittaker directly through the online form on the Contact Us page. 

Once an appointment time is settled (if needed), a Paypal invoice will be emailed to you which will be due the day before the service is provided, unless otherwise specified.